About me…who’s Tessie?


Who’s Tessie?  Good question, “Tessie” is what my loving other half calls me, not sure how he came up with Tessie, but it works, I’m his Tessie and he’s my High School crush:)  I’m a mom (boys), Christian (trying to be), lover of DIY, Scrapbooking, food, and so much more!  I’m addicted to Pinterest which just adds to my wild ideas.  I grew up in a “normal” American family, playing with the neighborhood kids till the street lights came on, going to high school football games, graduating and then trying to figure out life, well, it’s many, many years later and I still haven’t figured it out, it’s funny what 18 year old me thought life would be like, where I’d be at what age, and what reality really is today, so here I am, still trying to figure it out.    **Did you notice I put normal in quotes….. does normal even exist?

I’m a normal, everyday girl, I love Coach bags, sour patch watermelons (yes, I know they are bad for me),  I try diets, I struggle with clothing at times, have too many “want to make ideas in my head”, watch TV, work full time, and clean my own house.  We live in a small village situated in the Northeast,  our home is an 1840 Greek Revival that we are working on reviving, on a budget,  which is an adventure in itself.  I’ll walk you through my life, according to Tessie that is.  I’ll share projects, ideas, thoughts, food, and just life in general, you’ll learn even more about me!  Hopefully we will have a lot of laughs and fun along the way, so grab a glass a wine, get comfortable and learn about life…..According 2 Tessie.


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